BUNKEY'S Car Wash of Raleigh
A La Carte Services
(Prices may increase due to size and/or condition of vehicle.)
Rich Foamy Polish Wax$3.00
Rust Guard under carriage spray$3.00
Wheel, Mag or Spoke Clean$4.00
Armor-All Vinyl Top Dressing$5.00
Exterior Armor-All Treatment$10.00
Interior Armor-All Treatment for Vans, SUVs & Oversize Vehicles$14.00
Complete Armor-All Treatment for Vans, SUVs & Oversize Vehicles$19.00
Floor Mat Shampoo for Vans, SUVs & Oversize Vehicles$20.00
Air Freshener$1.00
Armor-All Tire Gloss$5.00
Armor-All Dash$5.00
Interior Armor-All Treatment for Cars$12.00
Complete Armor-All Treatment for Cars$16.00
Floor Mat Shampoo for Cars$15.00
Tar & Grease RemovalBy Estimate